Showcase Hire NEC

Display Cabinet Hire NEC

Trade shows are often the highlight of the company sales calendar. They’re a chance for a company to show their products and services to potential clients, partners and suppliers. This means it absolutely key for any company to make their exhibition stand outstanding. With experience of literally thousands of shows, we can help make this happen with our showcase hire.

We have various different kinds of showcase hire available to meet differing needs. We’ve outlined these below to help you choose the display cabinets that are right for you.

Rotating Showcase Hire NEC

The top of the range showcase hire we have on offer are our rotating showcases. Like all of our display cabinets, these are made with tempered glass and are internally lit with eight halogen lights to properly illuminate the interior.

What makes these showcases special is that the four internal shelves rotate around a central axis, making it easier to see specific items without having to try and get around the cabinet. This is especially good for situations where space is at a premium, or where products need a specific focus. We’ve often hired these out to companies exhibiting watches and jewellery.

Counter Showcase Hire NEC

Counter Display Showcase Hire NEC

Sometimes, having a tall showcase is not a good idea. Our counter display cabinets are good for companies who are looking mostly to sell items at a trade show. As the name suggests, they are counter height and can be used as the front of a trade show stand.

Counter display cases come in a couple of different types, which are useful in different situations. We have counter showcases that have a large lockable storage unit as part of their construction. These are especially good for companies who are selling products, as they can be easily stored underneath the displayed products. There also counter display cabinets with full retail area for those who don’t need storage space.

Tallboy Showcase Hire

Tallboy Showcase Hire NEC

The most often hired showcases we have are our tallboy and wideboy display cabinets. As their names suggest, these showcases are tall and wide for those customers who have lots of products or services to display.

The wideboy display cabinet is the largest size of showcase that we offer on site. With no less than four adjustable shelves and ten adjustable lights there is ample room to display products in a footprint that measures just 1000mm x 400mm. For those who need storage too we have a version with three shelves which has a lockable storage space at the bottom of the cabinet.

How to get Showcase Hire

Delivering Showcase Hire NEC

During the exhibition season availability of our showcase hire can be limited, so it’s wise to plan your trade show stand as early as possible. Once you know what space you have and what showcase hire you’re looking for, you can place your order online without having to ask for a quote.

What’s more, we can deliver direct your showcase hire direct to your stand. Let us know the exhibition name, along with your hall and stand number when you place your order and we’ll bring it directly to you.