Send it Back Dirty

Planning an event or organising a party can be very demanding. The hours are long and the preparation is seemingly endless. After all your efforts the absolute last thing you want to do the morning after is to have to wash up four hundred plates, dishes and thousands of pieces of cutlery. For only an additional 25% fee of your total hire price we will take the pressure off and allow you to bask in the post party glow for a little longer. Simply scrape the plates, remove all liquids from your glasses and stack the items in the baskets they arrived in - and we'll do the rest.

Our "send it back dirty" service is also useful when using cooking equipment such as chafing dishes and barbecues - which after heavy use can be an absolute nightmare to clean. Simply scrape off food remnants and wipe down, and we'll professionally clean them on their return.

The majority of all damage and breakages to hire items occurs while they're being washed, especially glasses and aluminium items. If you do not choose the send it back dirty service then we expect to receive the items back in the same state of cleanliness you received them. Failure to do so may see additional fees being applied.

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