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  1. 3ft Circular Banqueting Table

    The 3ft circular banqueting table is the smallest size of banqueting table that we offer. It's often used as a cake or drinks table as o... More


  2. 4ft Rectangular Trestle Table

    Our four foot rectangular trestle table is the smaller of the rectangular banqueting tables we hire out. This table measures 4' x 2'6" a... More


  3. 6ft Rectangular Banqueting Table

    One of the mainstays of our furniture hire offering, these 6ft rectangular banqueting tables are one of our most hired items and as a co... More


  4. 5ft Circular Banqueting Table

    Banquets, feasts and receptions all need banqueting tables for guests to sit at - like these 5ft circular banqueting tables. These table... More


  5. 6ft Circular Banqueting Table

    The 6ft circular banqueting table is one of the most frequently used tables for events and occasions and as such we try to keep a lot of... More


  6. 90" x 40" Oval Banqueting Table

    If you've got a large gathering of people then a rectangular or circular banqueting table might not cut it. This oval table can seat 10 ... More


  7. 96" x 50" Oval Banqueting Table

    A very large and well designed oval banqueting table than can seat 14 people comfortably. In a change from the regular round tables thes... More


7 Items

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