From this page you can start your search from our vast range of catering hire, furniture hire and exhibition hire products. Choose from the categories listed below or use our great search function.

  1. Butter Pad

    £0.30 ex VAT
  2. Tear Bowl

    £0.45 ex VAT
  3. Ice Tongs

    £0.50 ex VAT
  4. Muddler

    £0.50 ex VAT
  5. Ice Scoop

    £0.70 ex VAT
  6. Waiters Friend

    £0.70 ex VAT
  7. Bar Spoon

    £0.70 ex VAT
  8. Sauce/Gravy Boat

    £0.95 ex VAT
  9. Glass Cloth

    £1.00 ex VAT
  10. Cafetiere 6 Cup

    £1.50 ex VAT
  11. Champagne Bucket

    £3.00 ex VAT
  12. Spittoon

    £3.50 ex VAT
  13. Examination Desk

    £4.25 ex VAT
  14. Waste Bin

    £6.50 ex VAT
  15. Deckchair Rental

    £8.00 ex VAT
  16. Beer Bench

    £9.00 ex VAT
  17. Bottle Skip

    £9.00 ex VAT
  18. Stockpot 49L

    £9.50 ex VAT
  19. Boules Set

    £10.00 ex VAT
  20. Tensabarrier

    £18.00 ex VAT
  21. Limbo Set

    £20.00 ex VAT
  22. Mesh Office Chair

    £20.00 ex VAT
  23. Tear Table - Black

    £25.00 ex VAT
  24. Lectern for Hire

    £30.00 ex VAT
  25. LPG Single Burner

    £30.00 ex VAT
  26. Pie Warmer Hire

    £30.00 ex VAT
  27. iPad Stand

    £35.00 ex VAT
  28. Hot Plate

    £35.00 ex VAT
  29. Firepit 100cm

    £35.00 ex VAT
  30. Crepe Machine

    £40.00 ex VAT
  31. Meat Slicer Hire

    £40.00 ex VAT
  32. Literature Stand

    £45.00 ex VAT
  33. 5ft x 5ft Stage

    £65.00 ex VAT
  34. Brochure Stand

    £65.00 ex VAT
  35. Ice Making Machine

    £75.00 ex VAT
  36. BBQ Pizza Oven

    £90.00 ex VAT
  37. Table Tennis Table

    £95.00 ex VAT
  38. 6 Burner LPG Oven

    £105.00 ex VAT


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All ABS Plastic (6) Aluminium (6) Chrome / Velour (4) Glass (26) Plastic (4) Polyester (8) Polyester mix (51) Polyethylene (12) Polypropylene (6) Porcelain (27) PVC (3) Stainless Steel (79) Velour (4) Vitrified Porcelain (5) Wicker (3) Wood (5)


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If you’re looking for catering equipment hire, furniture hire or exhibition hire products then this page is the right starting point for you. You can either find the product you need on this page, or browse our catalogue to find the products you need.

How do I find the catering equipment hire I need?

It’s pretty easy to use our website to order catering equipment hire for your next event or occasion. On a laptop, you’ll see at the top of every page a drop down menu. Hover over products to find the ranges of event hire and exhibition hire we do, and then navigate to what you need.

We’ve grouped products into ranges to help you find things that match, and we’ve added filters so you can drill down to the exact type you need. We’ve also shared as much information about each product as possible, so you know just how big it is, how much it weighs and what power it needs.

Can I get help in finding the right furniture hire for me?

Absolutely. While we’re proud to be an online company where you can order furniture hire at the click of a few buttons, we’re humans too. Simply click on the live chat feature to speak to one of our customer service operatives to ask questions and we’ll do our best to help you. We can’t help with aesthetical and creative decisions, but we can confirm things like sizes and availability.

If you need a formal quote then drop us a line at and we can prepare that for you. Quotes are valid for 28 days only and are subject to availability of stock. Because we’re an online company and we take orders all the time we can only confirm stock is allocated once an order is placed and paid for. This means at busy times it’s absolutely essential to place an order with as much notice as possible.