Chafing Fuel - Standard Non Toxic Ethanol - 2 Hour Burn Time - X12

Chafing Fuel

Get a great deal on chafing fuel with this 12 pack. Perfect for large buffets and events with lots of dishes to keep warm.



  • Price excludes VAT
  • Price is for standard 3 day hire
  • Extended hire available for £3.20 per additional day
  • Delivery cost varies by postcode

If you are using chafing dishes then you will need chafing fuel to keep your dishes warm. These tins provide two hours worth of burn time, which is suitable for short servings of food. The fuel is from non-toxic ethanol, and burns at a high temperature for safe and economical use. The fuel is entirely smokeless and odourless and produces no harmful emissions.

Burn Time 2 Hours
Quantity in Pack 12