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Chafing Fuel Deluxe - 6 Hour Burn Time (X6)

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Chafing Fuel Deluxe - 6 Hour Burn Time (X6)

Product code: 776

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- 6 hour burn time
- 6 tins


The Superior Quality Chafing Fuel for maximum value for money - Outperforming other chafing fuels availible on the market remarkably. With a gauranteed 6 hour burn time this product will burn hotter for longer, lasting up to 3 times longer than standard ethanol chafing fuel. This means the best value for money because its not 3 times the price!

"Hot As Hell!"

Diablo Max is the original high quality diablo chafing fuel known throughout the world but enhanced to heat faster, hotter and more consistantly than ANY other chafing fuel in the world. Diablo max chafing fuel consistently maintains temperatures in excess of 105 degrees centegrade. This increase in chafing fuel performance means that this chafing dish has the highest heat output than any other brand or product.

Tests prove Diablo Max outperforms the industry leading gel fuel and "super wicks" in heat output, safety, economics and overall performance and functionality. Completely odorless by design, providing 100% combustion to reduce waste, safe to use and safe to store, Diablo Max Chafing Fuel is the most economical solution for chafing dish heating.

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