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Chafing Fuel Deluxe 6 Hour Burn Time (X12)

  • 6 hour burn time
  • 12 tins
  • Cool touch container even when alight



Got a lot of things to keep warm? Need to keep them warm for a long time? Then you're going to need a fair bit of chafing fuel. These deluxe tins are not only economical for the amount of time they burn, but also incredibly safe. The fuel is non-flammable and non-combustible without the wick being present, meaning accidental spillages are less of a problem, while the visible flame is also useful for helping to avoid accidental injury. The tins don't get hot while the flame is alight either, so you can move them without risking burns.

Product features

  • Relightable wick for 100% fuel use
  • Easy to open and reseal
  • Does not evaporate if left open
  • Cool touch container even when alight
  • Approved as a non-hazardous food heating fuel and is therefore not restricted by storage or transport restrictions
  • For professional use only
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Product NameChafing Fuel Deluxe 6 Hour Burn Time (X12)