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Catering First Aid and Burns Kit 10 Person

  • Suitable for a kitchen of up to ten staff



Are you cooking at your next event or special occasion? Sometimes mishaps happen - and for those times a first aid kit is essential. This first aid kit contains high quality dressings for immediate application to burns. The kit caters for up to 10 people and contains a workable selection of gels, dressings and other ancillary items for effective first aid from minor to severe burns.

Contents of the kit includes: 1 x First aid leaflet, 20 x Blue catering plasters, 2 x Sterile eyepads, 4 x Triangle bandage, 6 x Medium dressings, 2 x Large dressings, 6 x Safety pins, 10 x Antiseptic wipes, 1 x Disposable gloves, 6 x Blue finger stools, 2 x Burns dressings, 3 x Gel sachets, 2 x 5m Conforming bandage, 1 x Clothing scissors

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Product NameCatering First Aid and Burns Kit 10 Person
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