Let’s face it, washing up is a horrible job. It’s the last thing you want to do when the morning after a big event – particularly if you’re feeling a little bit delicate or tired after an evening’s excesses. We offer a “send it back dirty” service on all our crockery hire, cutlery hire and glass hire to give customers the chance to pass the job on.

While we’re happy to wash up everything for you using our professional wash plant, there are a few things that make for less stress all round. We’ve put this little article together to help you to help us with this service.

Crockery Hire – sending it back dirty

The most common item we wash up at our warehouse is crockery. Whether it’s plates or bowls, cups or saucers chances are we’re going to end up washing up a few thousand every week during the busy summer season.

The wash plant is essentially a commercial version of the household dishwasher. It cleans and rinses the plates using the same methods as unit in your kitchen does – and therefore it’s important to take the same steps before loading it in the same way you would load your own dishwasher.

This means it’s important for plates to be free of food debris. It really helps us if before putting your crockery back into the packing box, they have any food on them scraped into a bin. Food left in the box will only fester and turn to mould as the box is transported back to the warehouse – and it’s only makes things harder to clean when they are returned.

If you really want to help, putting similar size items in each box makes life much, much easier in the warehouse. We know this isn’t always possible, but it is massively appreciated when it is.

Glass Hire – sending it back dirty

Glasses are one thing we really do recommend using our send it back dirty service for. While we used glasses that are designed for continual commercial use, cleaning them is when most breakages occur and it’s much easier for us to do this safely than the majority of our customers.

Again, it’s really helpful if glasses are emptied of any liquid or food debris before being packed in their special packing crates. It’s not the nicest of jobs but like with crockery, it doesn’t take long for mould to form when glasses are left dirty and it makes for a tougher job when it gets back to the warehouse.

It’s important to make sure glasses are packed in crates in the same way they came out. We have specialised crates for most types of glasses and we pack them to ensure minimal breakages in transit.

Our send it back dirty service costs just 25% of the hire charge and means that you don’t have to worry about returning items spotlessly clean. Speak to us via our live chat facility to find out how we can help you with crockery hire and glass hire for your next event.