If you’ve never done it before, showcasing your company at an exhibition can be daunting. It’s never cheap to run an exhibition stand and with exhibitions being annual and sometimes biannual, it can be a big risk. How can you be certain of getting it right?

We’ve got lots of experience of exhibition hire here at Birmingham Catering and Event Hire. We’ve delivered to countless exhibitions at many different venues, and we’ve come to understand some of the familiar problems that customers face. We’ve put together this guide to help give you some thoughts as to what to consider when planning what exhibition equipment you’ll need.


Exhibition Hire NEC

The first thing to consider is what power outlets you will require. If you are using electrical powered equipment, you may need 3-pin, single-phase or even three-phase power for the machine to work; you will also have to consider the wattage your outlets will draw.

We can advise on what power socket our equipment will require, along with the amount of power it will consume (wattage). What we can’t do is be involved with wiring in any equipment; we suggest our clients ensure that they have the correct outlets for their stand prior to hiring; if you are unsure what outlets you will need please call us on 0800 910 1317 and we’ll do our best to advise.


Some of our equipment will also need water and waste feeds, which will also require installation on site. As with power, we can advise on what water/waste feeds our products require to help ensure your hire goes smoothly.


Safety Equipment from Birmingham Catering and Event Hire

It’s also worth considering if a piece of equipment could be considered a safety hazard to people visiting your stand. For example, a large coffee machine will generally be placed next to a wall away from people walking by as it will emit large clouds of steam which could be scalding.

The big thing to consider is ensuring you have the knowledge required to use the piece of catering equipment you are hiring. Without knowledge of the stand you are planning it’s very difficult for us to know if it will fit and be safe. Likewise, we have to assume that anyone hiring our equipment knows how to use it – an analogy would be a hire car company assuming a hirer could drive the car off the forecourt.

Like anything, the more time we have to work with a customer on exhibition hire, the easier it is for us to meet high expectations. If you are looking to exhibit soon, please give us a call and we can advise what services we can provide.