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We’re a fast growing company at Birmingham Catering and Event Hire, and things can change pretty quickly around here. Keep updated with things like our latest exhibition hire news and improvements to our catering equipment hire lines right here on our blog page.

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With the experience we’ve gained from serving thousands of customers we’ve also put together some guides to try and help you with your event hire needs – everything from choosing the right cutlery and crockery to understanding how we deliver exhibition furniture at the NEC. We update all of these frequently do be sure to check back for new articles!


Hello 2017

By Ian Bird
So that's it, Christmas and New Year are over for another 11 months. They're like a house guest, we love to see them arrive and also love to see them leave. For us, it's our busiest time of the year. We supplied 181 individual customers for Christmas Day alone, which is a huge number for us and push...
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Website Makeover

By Paul Johnson
Just a very very quick blog to let you all know, if you hadn't noticed already, that our website has had a makeover. We'll be thoroughly testing over the next 3-4 days to iron out any issues, which hopefully should all be straightforward. Not only should the site look better we're also increasing ...
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At Birmingham Catering and Event Hire we’re always looking for ways to improve our service to customers – from sourcing exciting bits of catering equipment and designer exhibition furniture to bringing in stock to raise our capacity for hire. One of the things we have decided to improve ...
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You got the power?

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By Daniel Ivery
If you’ve never done it before, showcasing your company at an exhibition can be daunting. It’s never cheap to run an exhibition stand and with exhibitions being annual and sometimes biannual, it can be a big risk. How can you be certain of getting it right? We’ve got lots of exper...
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Last Minute Orders

By Daniel Ivery
If there is one thing that is bound to cause stress in this life it’s a last minute panic. We get last minute orders of catering equipment hire and exhibition furniture hire for all kinds of reasons. Suddenly an event has an additional number of people attending that wasn’t expected; a c...
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Behind the Scenes

By Daniel Ivery
You’ve got the date, you’ve decided on what you need and you’ve clicked order. So what happens now? We thought we’d give you a behind the scenes look into how our systems work to give you a flavour of what makes us the leading online hire company for catering equipment. Our ...
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Be Safe Not Sorry

By Daniel Ivery
Catering Equipment can be dangerous. Trust us, from our experience here at Birmingham Catering and Event Hire we know that there is an inherent risk with using any and all commercial equipment and as such we’ve put together a category of products called “Safety” to help ensure you ...
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Sorting out the plates for your upcoming event or special occasion can be difficult if you’ve never had to do it before. We’ve built up lots of experience in crockery hire including lots of functions, banquets and receptions. Here’s our guide to what plates are best to use for what...
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Fridge Dos and Donts

By Daniel Ivery
Whether it’s for bottles of beer in a bar environment or for food in your kitchen at a fully catered event, refrigerators are an important piece of catering equipment to have. Like all kitchen equipment, fridges have to be handled with care to prevent them from breaking – after all, the ...
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If you’re hosting an event with drinks, it’s important to have the right glassware to serve your guests with. It’s obvious that beer in champagne flutes or pints of prosecco aren’t right – but do you know which cocktails should be served in which glasses? Here’s o...
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